Thursday, January 31, 2008

George Clooney: Angry Messenger

I heard George Clooney talk today, on the refugees in Chad, he seemed upset, mad, even sarcastic because the world body, or perhaps folks like you and me are not doing enough for these poor folk who are dying night an day, starvation, disease, etc. He has a mission I see, and he blames everyone who does not help, or those he expects should help, to carry is burden of unmet expectations, he is even angry about it. Perhaps he needs to travel more, see more poverty, just not go and have a camera follow him around like a mouse following an elephant, take pictures, show it on CNN, and talk at the UN like he is an expert. If indeed he cares as much as his face shows, go sell everything, and bring those poor suffering souls what you feel they need. Perhaps God is calling him, and he should act on this calling, but he is not God, and maybe God is not calling all those folks he feels should be called.
On the other hand, if you have traveled widely, he would know, Chad is but one heartbreaking place among many. He proclaims simply to be a messenger; he sounds more like the not so Good Samaritan that walks around the poor man on the ground, hoping someone else will fix it for them. He needs to get a hold on his arrogance, and pray, if he believes in God, then write that check out George, that will prove your worth, or is it salt. Take ten-million dollars, it’s just a half movie showing for you, and feed these people: or perhaps 20-million, it is one movie for you, three months pay, but it will feed these folks for along, long time. We need more action George, not so much talk, and pictures.
I looked at George closely while he was on his trip to Chad and his speech at the UN, and he looked healthy, no tired eyes, nice ironed cloths, cleaned shaved, he had the sparkle of a star, and he is one, in Hollywood, I doubt anyone knew him in Chad, and if the poor would have known, they may have asked him for a hand out. Anyhow, the folks he visited didn’t look as glamorous as he, how could he walk by them and not feed them. Nice pictures though, now he can tell his grandkids, how he went to Chad to save them, but the UN, wouldn’t listen.

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