Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fatal blow: who will be Presidnt of the USA?

Fatal blow: who will be President of the USA?

First of all we have a very poor selection of candidates out there running for president of the United States. I hope we do not end up like Peru, who had to pick between the devil (Humala), and Garcia (who drained the country dry in the 80s. And guess who they ended up with, after having a selection of 105- candidates, you got it, the lesser of the evils, Garcia; thank goodness for Bush, if it wasn’t for him, Garcia would look worse than what he does, and should. If Bush had not brought the dollar down in South America, Garcia, would have inflation higher, and the Soles worthless. America is headed down the same road.
Let’s be frank about this, did anyone really think a black man could win the race to become President of the United States. Put your bias aside and be honest, I could have told you that a year ago, the blacks maybe ready for it, but they are the only ones that are.
And a woman, well, maybe the country is up to that—if it is shoved down their throats, but Hillary? (My selection of a black American, and woman for president, would have been Rice, I would vote for her tomorrow if I could).
Here we go, picking between the evils. And now we got McCain on the other side of the fence; the laughing hyena. All these candidates are a joke; Barack Obama, sounds more like the old Mahmud Ali, the boxer in the ring, ready to throw his punches for a quick knockout in round one.
Hillary says she’s got the experience, perhaps she does, if she don’t give the country away to the Arabs, or kneel to the United Nations, or play house with the PLO, or is it Hamas now.
Edwards, male, young, white, a good kind of boy not sure if he is ready for the big time though, and there are a few religious elements involved here; Romney, a more serious lad than McCain, but what does he have? They all want to end the war in Iraq, I think, but dare not say so, too quick.
If we end up with Obama, you can be assured, Alabama will end up being emancipated. Hillary, will have the military bow to her whims, and McCain, may go on a laughing spree. Too many ducks in the pond, and all too willing to eat the others; Mitt Romney keeps coming to mind, not sure why.

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