Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fools for Kofi Annan (1/2008)

In all the writings I have ever done, and you might put them at 5000, I have but once or twice used the word fools, or fool. It is a word even the bible cautions a writer to use. But I have to connect the dots here, and if this is not the most foolish thing I’ve heard, it is next to it. Annan (that lost soul from the United Nations, whom was General Secretary, the antichrist’s assistant, I think I called him that years ago, still believe he’s got his connections in that area; this is the guy that left his post to protest against, George W. Bush for president, and marched for his candidate, and then slid back into the UN to continue his job while resting in the Millionaires Club down the hall, I was in the UN in New York it is an impressive place—and has that club, you need only last ten years and you will be in it); anyhow, I did some sixty or more articles on him a few years ago, about five years ago or more, on the United Nations in particular, when I had inside information, even before the regular news media got a hold of it, I had it—which involved many of his so called friends.

Anyhow, he is back in the Kenyan lives, back I say, and God help them now. Let me update you on history (I do not want to make this article long, so I will tell it briefly). Before he was General Secretary, he was in charge of the He was ahead of the team that was suppose to bring stability to Kenya, sent by the UN, in the 1980s, but stood by and watched three-million lives slaughtered. He is, was a walking talking, Pol Pot, christened by the United Nations, and he screwed up the whole thing. Are we out of our heads to allow this man to get back into the same position he was in, to take care, and responsibility for the lives of these people? God help us, our decision makes are fools. How much history do we need to put on the table to learn our lesson? He maybe a brother to that nation, but he has no brotherly love for it. That is all I can say.

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