Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Christ’s Hymn of Conception"

There was nothing, nothing at all, all was non-existent:
there was no universe, no beginning beyond it.
What came about, and was? Was shape, and sanctuary?
And in this shape was unfathomed power and life?
Death was not yet born, created, only immortality:
there was no day or night, just thrust.
That very thing, that came from the breath of the Creator
apart from Him, there was nothing at all.

Darkness came, when the Creator,
created a being that concealed his darkness,
this all was haphazard, thus, chaos prevailed in Bliss
somewhere in what was now called the universe.

This Adversary, thereafter raised a craving
in the beings that were created by the Creator along with Him.
This new thing called aspiration was a kind of
primal germ, within this spirit.
A new creation, that came out of freewill,
no kinship in the non-existent past with the Creator.
And the Adversary’s darkness, gave his seed
to the other beings, from corner to corner
of the Creator’s abode, called Heaven.
This all was above the blue dot,
and then, all the darkness was sent below it.
And those beings that lived on the blue dot,
begetters of the Adversary, were not equal to the
angelic mighty forces—they were dark-men,
once ruled by the Adversary their king, now
sent to hell, beneath the earth, demons.

No one knows for sure, when this all took place
When this and that was created, when men
of another nature, turned to be demigods.
He, Christ, the hands of creation,
formed it all, in the eyes of his father, in highest heaven,
He, and the Holy Spirit, all together.

#2173 1-23-2008

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