Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chant to the Arc Angel

Hear me arch angel, who knows me for who I am.
I know you have been with me since I was born, and I know you will stay with me until I return to where I came from.
Perhaps you are the passionate whisper whom inspires this poet to dream.
You are the One who calls to me at the end of each journey, after day is done, to bless my rest.
You were sent by Him, from which all things are born.
I have seen the shadowy tomb, where all things must go, to die and be reborn entirely.
You, my arch angel friend, are from the weaver of time, the teacher of mysteries; I know though, I can swallow fear, discover the beauty that is far and near, be given strength and courage to endure, when you are near.
I am but a simple man, with scars from injustice; I have tried to overcome, fight the hidden demons that transform, forge their way into my life.
You are my glinting sword that protects me from harm, and from their might.
You are the healer of my past wounds, the angelic soldier who stood by me when I was right or wrong, in my time.
You have helped me become strong; bury my arrogance to become humble. You rise up for the oppressed, and I have fought to be like you, Justice tempered with mercy.
Perhaps in a way, I am you, part of you, and I am within you, for I have sought you, within and without of my heart and soul. Know me; take my Love with you…!

#2172 1-23-2008

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