Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Annan the Anticrhist: Bend Your BAck (1-29-2008)

Annan the Antichrist: Bend your Back

Annan is part of the problem at present, not part of the solution in Kenya, or at least he is at the moment; when Annan was there in the 1980s, and was suppose to have solved the issues there, three-million citizens died because of his lack of vigor, and his lingering in his proud arrogance. Now again he is given political supremacy over this war in Kenya, round two (as the referee): he put to death the soul of Kenya back in the ‘80s, as the rebels bombed to death the cities, and ground, and people, in government and in thought, the wills of the nation. He simply, back then, quickened the process with his presence, and thus came decay. Now he wants Kenya to drink poison again (enough is enough).
Former, United Nations chief Kofi Annan, can he fight this new ethnic violence? Is this trouble we see in Kenya, really about the rigging of the December 27 vote to win re-election? Usually it is the situation on top, the problem is underneath. Annan can’t see it, because he is part of the problem, not the solution, at present. He fights with words, old used up words, and gives advice, perhaps he should ask questions, and give them something better than what they have—back!! Why else would they stop? If you gave me words and nothing better than what I have, why would I stop? Why would anybody stop without something better than what they started out with? He answers because of arrogance and greed—it reeks on him, I say again, he should be asking a question that really is the sum of it, he does not have the luxury of competing with jealousy, envy—the power in Kenya is out of control, and he is not the controller.
I have really followed this guy much too long in my writing career. He needs to ask the people: by war, what will be their way of life—if continued? Now and after; if it continues; and when they are no longer housed, or have work, and commonly striped barefoot, no substantial cloths, or school, what then? No feed for live stock, no barley for beer, and no wheat for bread, what then, no flour, any loaves, any salt, or olives, or cabbages. Hit the pulse, the diet of the rich as well as the poor, the rebel, they may not be expected to live on peace, but peace will give them old age for now. Bequeath a similar life to the rebels, to give their chilren a better life (the rich have money to fight back, the rebels, can be bought, so buy them for now—give, so they do not have to take). Be humble, tell them infanticide will prevail—their children as well as those they wish to kill, but may not get the chance to, will be left on doorsteps, for no one to feed; but it is too hard for the antichrist—Annan to bend his back in his aristocracy.
He needs to stop talking about ‘Human Rights,’ it is over played by all the so called goodie groups out there howling the same old crap, and doing nothing. The mourning will not stop so easily. No one cares how much you know, or have, until you show how much you care, and give. Perhaps he needs to cry for the people, cry, and cry publicly and show them how much he cares. Take the $2000-dollar suit off, and cry. He needs to feel the pain of the people, and then maybe, just maybe, he will walk out the hero, as he wants to be.

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