Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Poetic Epigrams for February, 2008

Plato and Aristotle (Haiku)

Two geniuses together
makes for two lit pieces
of dynamite

#2167 1-22-2008

Friendship Chosen

I don’t care to be everyone’s friend:
there is too much wickedness
in human nature
and I don’t have eight eyes
that circle my head…

In most cases, friendships
sink to the bottom of the sea
because they are too heavy
to carry (and it involves equality).

#2168 1-22-2008

Revolution (Haiku)

There is always a negative fraction
to every revolution,

even if it achieves some good

#2169 1-22-2008

Attractiveness (Haiku)

When we become molded
like the other, the
attractiveness leaves—;

different is attractiveness

#2170 1-22-2008

Evil vs. Good
(A Prophetic Stance)

Where does evil fit in?
There are opposing energies here:
between Good and Evil!
Plato and Ginsberg, both looked at
its connection; in particular,
their duality’s fight for acceptance.
Socrates, claimed:
break the other’s definitions
(right or wrong):
you win.

#2168 1-21-2008


In most cases
we are good because
we want to be happy

(happiness being a byproduct)

#2171 1-20-2008

Charm and Greed (Haiku)

It is easy to display charm not greed,
when you have freedom
from care.

#2172 1-20-2008)

Elements of Friendship

Friendship requires equality
duration, stability—but be
careful with gratitude, it throws
rocks in the way,
then it is based on kindness.

#2173 1-20-2008

Poetry is—an extension?

Poetry is an extension of psychology; it can involve meditation, to the point of calling to the mind, to ones consciousness, awareness, within the mind’s universe, the mind we will die with—calling to the mind’s eye, hope, a basic food for the human soul, beyond death.

#2174 1-19-2008

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