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The Earth Dethroned (poetic prose)

The Earth Dethroned

The earth, like the people on it, are like a train, Sebastian, told himself as he was traveling from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Seattle, Washington, and it is going in one direction, he noticed, and they think all is smooth he conclude (and so was earth going in the same direction): “Yes,” he said, “they think all is going well,” then he murmured to himself: “The thing is, it is not so, it just seems so, because they, like me, can’t tell one way or the other, if they are moving on this train or not.” Further, he said, “There are only a few folks who look out the window, now and then, if there were more, they’d all know we are headed towards a blockade.
Now, the earth moves the opposite way (it was originally moving in the first place), and the train is still moving in the old same (from its previous unaltered state), but the push against the train is now felt from the opposing force, something is moving against it instead of with it, the train accelerates, to fight the force.
Sebastian now agrees with his second self, (that person inside of us we seem to talk to, but never acknowledge to anyone but ourselves, and we never give it, or him or her a name) and he hears (listens to) the man in the seat behind him say: “…we have two forces and two systems, in progress here, Lord in Heaven what can we do. Because of its iron mass, the train doesn’t feel the opposing force that much, nor the folks inside the train. Nonetheless, it is there.”
The conductor tells the people, “…it is just a matter of time, and we’ll be to our destination, don’t worry.”
Sebastian, is worried though, and seemingly, it appears the man behind him is worried, in that, perchance, the train will not stop in time, hit the blockade before it stops at its destination, the train station that being, rather hit the blockade just beyond it, the train is going too fast, fighting the forces around it.
Sebastian, He sees out the window a black ray of light, ghostly and haunting, it seems to stop and plant itself right then and there, as if his window was a hole in space for it to seep through, and then as the train moves on, it shows up on the other side, so he notices (the opposite side of the train that is) the other end. He tells himself at this point, “I’ve learned something because of this, perhaps man can bend fate, or stop it for a moment, and that there is a gap between this and that, a gravitational gap some folks might call it, he calls it “hope” he feels someone, or something, has to curve man’s mind, like light, and speed, and you will find peace.
“Is this possible?” he whispers.
In any case, he concludes there was a gravitational field, that deflected light, this was his big break to creating peace, a lasting world peace, his so called stepping stone to his new theory.
As he sat back down in his seat in his cubical, he had to rethink what he had figured out, what was all this dependent on, for it surely was dependent on something? “Oh yes,” says the man behind him, “one person was really and solely dependent on the other,” so they both now concluded. “Yes,” said Sebastian, “we are in essence, one entity, and without God, we would not exist, God being the glue.”
Then Sebastian got rethinking his rethinking:
“What went wrong that caused God to create the flood?” In a way a rhetorical question, because he was questioning himself. That is, a question he had to answer for himself, at best it would be conjecture.
“It was not the situation, which was the flood,” he murmurs out loud, the man behind him hears, “but the problem, it was the problem no one looked at, which is always under the surface of the situation. It was perhaps the folks back then lived longer, and thus could build trains that had the maximum velocity of light, the speed of light that is (figuratively speaking), which is the total momentum of anything in the universe. That they were moving so fast, faster than the second-hands on the moving clock, faster than time, for example, the clock decreased to a standstill, accordingly, one was increasing as the other decreasing, as a result, there appeared simultaneously, unmeasured sin.
Next, He assumed, God might have—whom feel knows all— evidently didn’t take this into consideration, or if he had, he deduced from his hypotheses, and reformulated a living system, family members and so forth, would fellow what he observed, so he gave mankind good examples to go by, social comparison—if you will, yet he did not see, nor witness that mankind had obtained identical behaviors, consequently, irrespective of those he sent to set an example, therefore, he had to shorten life, because they didn’t follow the good example, matter of fact, he even said (referring to mankind’s sinful heart), “I never even imagined this…” so now, he limited man to 120-years of life, not 960, as it had previously been. He even developed a new theory, to slow man down, because he was going at such a rapid velocity, or pace, from good to bad to hatred of his own kind, to evil, and beyond, he broke the magnetic phenomena, known as one language, into propagation, or spread man’s tongue out, to a thousand different languages, that accelerated around the world.
Then God said, so Sebastian, concluded, “The faster you go, the quicker you come, to Arm
ageddon, or in the case of this train, to the blockade.”
He knew it could be postponed—just as the train might be able to be stopped at the transition, if indeed he could lower the speed (in God’s case, or humankinds, that amounted to sin) and that was his theory, that being, the Earth Dethroned from mankind, and given back to Christ, to the point of man repenting.

2-2-2009 (No: 2561)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mystery of the Waters (by: D.L. Siluk)

Mystery of the Waters
(After the Visit to the Moon)

When we had left the moon, I was told hastily (as if time was of the essence), to look into the waters of the earth, now finding myself with five angels, on the edge of a cloud, and I saw deep into the seas heart, a vision, within this dream, and Micha’el said:
“Examine and observe what the waters show you, focus, as the waters fill the earth, the waters have their own story to tell, and he was correct, and I looked deep into the oceans, from above the clouds, through the due, deep under the waters, to the floor of the ocean (listened and observed), I was at the ultimate depth of the earth, from one end to the other, under the deep ice of the poles, and its waters: and I was brought back in time by the waters to the pre-flood period, perhaps around 9600 to 3600 BC, or more or less (there had been I realized several great floods in the past, one around 9600 BC, another about 3600 BC, and the last about 1300 BC).
This mist I had noticed, was more like a canopy of water, covering the whole of the earth, and it seemed to make the earthly temperature quite uniform, and the land masses were different, the continents were not as they are today, there seemed to be more water than land, and the land that was above the waters were shallower around each continent’s rim, to where often one might walk into the ocean a mile or several right onto a causeway, to an island.
And I saw a great rainfall, something that was non-existent I believe before around 10,000 BC (except for those special flood periods in time), and under this vapor, this canopy of water in the form of mist lightly and gently dropped onto the surface of the earth, and it was green as green could be, most beautiful, but the flood kept coming back into my mind, both scenes ascending and descending one after the other.
I could now understand why a wide variety of animals and plant life could live; the air-pressure in the atmosphere gave more oxygen to the animals, and thus came a longer life; perhaps dinosaurs (although I did not see any).
Then I had a moment, a relapse moment from this odyssey, and found myself thinking about our ozone layer of today, it came to mind like a flash, for in those far-off days, such a canopy would shield man from the sun’s radiation, which hits the earth from space; all this could play a part in aging, a person or animal could double or tipple his lifespan.
But knowing the nature of human beings, such Godly gifts are over looked, and I sensed this one was, for the next vision was man’s deep rottenness, his depravity on earth in those days, it was a demoralized time in the earth’s history (and the earth and the waters confirmed this for me).
Then I heard the rains, and saw the earth crack open its underground seas poured out and up its waters, and the canopy dropped all its water from above, onto the earth, and the grass, like pores, pushed all its waters upward to and through the earth’s crust to its surface, everything that held the waters at bay, like pillars under the earth, and above, disintegrated within this new unbelievable force of a storm.
And there were icy winds across the planet, atmospheric changes, blizzards, even the Polar Regions melted to add their waters into this great earthy flood. It was as if the earth and the waters had joined forces willingly with God—for revenge on humanity. All waters now covered the earth. And yes, the waters of the earth told me, and showed me all this.
And Micha’el said, “In those days, God warned the people; he told them ‘I will blot out man whom I have created…for I am sorry I have made them.’”
And so I saw this day, in this dream-vision, the world that once was, and thought, perhaps we are coming close to such a destructive day again.

Written as a supplement for the story “The Cadaverous Journey” to be added right after the visit to the edge of the moon. 3-20-2008, 7:54 PM.

Sebire's Cry (a poem with a commentary)

Sebire’s Cry

You’ve let me cry, and cry and cry!
Now let me simply die, let me die!
No coma please, no more appeals
just help me die, with suicide…!
My plight in life is over, long gone!
The French president, please try
to understand, but all he says
is: get a new examination, options!
His help is nil, and rudely artificial.
Just let me die, let me die in Dijon—
so I can have the last words
to this eating cancer of: bone, flesh
and nerve—the last words to this
unending, vicious, vicious curse.
Hasten my death before I have
to take it upon myself…
Tell the Associated Press of my
deformations, and let me rest
let me rest, let me rest, the pain is
too, way too much, way too much!
Let me die, you’ve left me cry, and
cry and cry…!

#2331 (3-20-2008)

France, a 52-year old woman has just killed herself, Chantal Sebire, commuted suicide, suffered from a rare form of cancer: Esthesioneuroblastoma. I don’t make the rules of society, I just look at its pain and suffering, not sure if I’d like to live like that, death would at such a juncture, have less a sting, than to endure what she had to. One has to look at their beliefs, their church, government, and ask the question, as she surely did: do I dare to have these folks accept this suicide as just? And she did ask of course. Perhaps it is just, and perhaps it is not, whatever, I think God will forgive her for tacking her life (it is not the unpardonable sin); I know I would, and I don’t firmly believe in such things (yet man has chosen to induce comas in such cases, and so forth, they have justified that). It is a funny thing, we kill Whales, and Elephants, and Kangaroos, dogs and cats, and all sorts of things, war upon war (and torturing people to death), and we have a big moral question about killing a fifty-two year old woman who has been suffering with a server case of cancer; painful for seven and a half years (and to my understanding, no pain reducing substance could take the pain away), it is almost laughable. We are so much the hypocrite, what a bubble to live in but I guess we chose to.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Parts of the Dead Souls (in poetic prose)

The Arrival
(And the three part soul)

(Poetic Prose)

Inside the mountain of Dead Souls, I saw a man come out of nowhere, I looked at
Micha’el and he said:”He is a new arrival here, if you listen carefully you can hear his soul, and I did:

“It looks more like a hive in here, this place would make the devil weep; no breakfast or lunch I suppose, in this land of the dead, gloomy Sundays ahead, everything vaguely lit, soul eating human rats nibbling on one another, faces like ceramic masks…” (he braces himself, no one reacts, he mumbles out loud again), “I feel like an agitated centipede.” This is his first day, his first appearance—he is a new arrival, to this land of the pre-dead, and will be waiting in a pre-trial status; the Archangel Micha’el, told me this. The Arrival whispers “…the dead-end land,” but I suppose he’ll have to deal with it now, he dealt the cards did he not.

I hear the souls of others saying (as they watch this new arrival) “Toro! Toro! Bravo! Bravo!” with a whiff of delight; I think they like seeing others join them in this horror of a nightmare place.

(His Soul Talks :) His soul is telling me (the new arrival): he was not as wretched as the others, that he is being treated unfairly; by superiors (the soul sees Micha’el).

(His soul seems to have three parts to it: the pure spirit, the personal soul, and the false arbitrator, and it is the false arbitrator I am listening to, so I sense, so my intuition tells me, that he is immortal, and can renew itself through destruction; the personal soul, sad to say he is questionable always has been, lives through the development of thoughts and dreams, he has asked: ‘Is God really God,’ and now he says ‘Is this reality or a dream or what?’ hoping I suppose he will wake up, and it would have been a dram. I since in time, upon judgment all will fade but the Arbitrator, unless judgment rules otherwise).

The Personal Soul: I can use a stiff whisky
The Pure Spirit: did you forget the many times you knocked her into the gutter, and slammed her into the door? The drugs, the anger, the sourness of your heart, the dirty sex, the thief inside of you, here there need not be any more pretenses.
The False Arbitrator: God wants a virgin target, and I am it, like Japan who sought peace through Sweden (during the end days of WWII) prior to the atomic bomb being trapped on them by the Americans, but felt Japan did not deserve to get away with all the blood they shed scot-free—and dropped the bomb anyway, they—like God, wanted death—revenge.”

I am glad I am a simple man, for should I have read all these souls, I would have gone mad.

I shifted my mind, and tried to refocus my thoughts away from this newly arrival (onto the next part of the journey); I figured, I could not figure him out, perhaps he was still living in deception, or perchance, did I learn, as long as their are words to talk with, there will be lies to deal with, and a part of him, part of his soul was still in that charade, or make-believe world.

Note: “The Arrival;” written in the afternoon of 3-18-2007, at Starbucks (Benavides, Surco), Lima, Peru. Somewhat inspired by WSB-Last words. The book up to this point has taken five days (5-days) to write. Theology mixed with Mythology.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Cadaverous Journey (To the Dead and the Dying)

Preliminary Part of the Journey
(Notes and Dream)

In the Heavens (cosmos)

It was the middle of the night, I awoke, and there was a great figure, five of them at the end of my bed, and one said, “You must come with me, but first you must die, and I will bring you back to life.” Oh, but I thought this was all a dream, so I said “Ok,” and somehow I died, it was like a second dream, that is, a dream within a dream you might say, and perhaps I really did die, I don’t know, I never died before, but after the experience is seemed a simple matter of waking up, and I did, but into another dream you might say, a journey, and so I don’t know what to tell you, but here I s. I suppose it is a matter of if you (in this case me) wake up for the dream, you have died in, and of course I am writing this, so I did. And so this story you are about to read, is just that, a journey from my book of the dead, by the dying. I will try to write it as true as it can be.
Let me add, in the 1980s, I wrote a book called “The Last Trumpet and the Woodbridge Demon,” out of fiftey-visions I had concerning future times. The visions came in a seven month period, and I wrote them down, and tried to explain them, for all up to this date have come true. I will not this time, try to explain anything, it is two exhausting, and I am twenty-five years older.

The Angels

There were five angels that appeared, and I shall name them, according to how I understood their names to be, and to the correct spelling I think it might be 1) Micha’el (everyone likes him) 2) Ura’el (another archangel) 3) Uri’el (not sure what his status is, but he is a messenger nonetheless 4) Rufael and Raguel. (My aunt, once told my mother, “Why does Dennis get all the visions,” I being at the time, the worse of sinners, and then trying, or in search of God’s heart. Who can have such an answer, so I said nothing, as I shall say nothing this time), and Surr’el (my guardian Angel was there, but more in spirit than presence, his voice his images).

(Raguel) As we started my journey, and Raguel said to me, “Heaven burns, look in the direction of the west,” and I saw a huge aluminous fire, that seemed to have no rest.
(Ura’el) “I will take you soon to the ‘Prison House of Angles,’ said Ura’el, “where on is detained forever.” And I looked his way, said not a word.

((Rufael) (Inside the Mountain, for the Souls of the Dead)) Inside this great huge mountain, perhaps one fifth the size of our moon, we stood in the middle of it, it was deep, high inside, smooth, dark, yet I could see all, and everything, Rufael was to my right side, pointed to all four corners, at once, explained “The spirits of he dead are assembled in here, gathered here,” he repeated himself, “for the day, the of the Great Judgment.” And I could hear the echoes of many voices, as if they were trying to reach heaven, from all four sections, corners of the inner mountain.
I asked, “Please explain more clearly the reasoning for this?”
“For the sinners,” he said, adding, “upon death. Judgment, the Great Judgment, is not executed immediately for their lifetime of sinfulness (I realized I had once read there was 72-deaths, thus perhaps judgments were based on this but I didn’t ask, and he did imply death at this point, not life); then he went on to say, “…sinners and criminals will remain, here with their kind, and those who go well with, the judgment (s), yet are of the non-righteous, remain in the other corners, these souls will not be killed on the day of judgment, but shall not rise to heaven either; those who admit their destruction, and were killed in the process by others before their time perhaps, a make dispute.”

(Notes: I wondered at this point, if I could wake myself up from this dream, I have in the past, but I couldn’t, I was like in a bubble, and my second thought, would I remember all this, and Micha’el nodded his, ‘yes’.)

(Uri’el) Uri’el pointed now at the “Prison House of Angels,” seven stars were bound together, as if in a cluster, how far I was from it I don’t know, but it was perhaps likened to our satellites orbiting the earth, however close that might be. The stars looked more like mountains carved into pyramids like figures, burning wildly, and Uri’el spoke: “This is the place mentioned before, the ‘Prison House for Angels,’ those that have sinned, went against the commandments of the Lord, and here they remain for ten-million years, according to their number of sins.”

The Great Canyon of Pain

Satan after his demise

(Uri’el) Then we came to a great fire, a canyon of sorts, that extended from sea to sea, and great rods of fire forced it way to and fro, burning with flames consuming all, it poured like lava and Uri’el said, “Here is the canyon of Pain.” And I was scared, freighted it might reach us, but it didn’t (Note: I told myself, this is a dream, how can this heat reach me, yet I felt it, but it did not burn, and turn to pain, and I caught my breath, I wasn’t exactly sure at this point were we were).
Said Uri’el, now looking at me, face to face, shoulder to shoulder: “We are in the Prison House of Angels, whom will be detained here without end!”

(Angelic Renegades) We then came upon the images of angels, their spirits; these were the ones of old, the Old Ones, as foretold in ancient literature, so I knew immediately. Those who were allied the Watchers, and slept with women, cohabitated, and taught man to sacrifice to demons (and I was told within my mind’s eye, the women that were persuaded, they have been cursed, thus, will have a peaceful death and afterlife.) And I said, “I don’t quite understand.” And Uri’el said in plain words,
“Heaven is heaven, as is blood and flesh which must die and perish, blood and flesh, and when one has abandoned heaven, and its ways, and seep with women, defile themselves, can not possess eternal life, and they begotten children, giants of old, deformed, these are evil spirits, that have come out of their bodies, for they were at once created by the holy ones, the watchers, their first origin, spiritual foundation. Thus they will walk the earth, and be called such, for if you are born upon the earth, you remain, they eat no food, nor thirst, and they shall challenge the people of the earth until the last days, when comes the slaughter and destruction.”
And I saw many faces, and asked, “Who were they?”
And before me came the faces of Azaz’el (condemned for teaching corruptness.
And Micha’el brought forth Semyaz who fornicated with the women, and said,
“He has died together with them, and sleeps in their defilement.”

(Notes: and I thought in my head, and Micha’el made it clear, souls of pleasure, were the children of the Watchers, and this sin of injustice has to do with, heaven is in itself the reward of pleasure or immediately gratification, and sexual intercourse on earth was mans pleasure, and holly angels could not mix these.)

(Judgment of the Watchers: Micha’el) And the son of Lamech was brought before me, as an image, and his history was, of the same, a Watcher before the Great Deluge, flood in the time of Noah, and he hid from God, but was destroyed. And Azaz’el was bound and thrown into darkness, and Duda’el was buried under sharp rocks, unmovable—and I learned in those far off days came many judgments unto the Watchers.
(Teaching of the Arts) Amastras’ taught incantations, and the cutting of roots; Baraqiyal taught astrology with Tam’el, and Asder’el taught the course of the moon, and Azaz’el taught how to make swords and knives, shields.

The Blessed Tree

Then I came upon several beautiful mountains, and they appeared to be carved in the shape of a throne, surrounded by fragrant trees, and I was shaking my head, as if to get out of this dream, almost fearful, but it was a wondrous sight, and fragrance, and all those huge beings bowed, and I flowed suite (I matched what they did); and there were followers everywhere, and the tree that caught my eyes the most was a beautiful tree and very fruitful, and it looked like a palm tree, and I just gazed at it, and Micha’el appeared (seemingly the chief of he group) smiled and said (for he had left but a moment, how long the moment was I don’t know, but it seemed to me he perhaps went to get permission, or at least that is how I saw it at the time, with my earthly thinking), said Micha’el:
“The mountains are God’s throne, where resides he Eternal King (Christ), and he is the one whom has visited the earth. The tree cannot be touched until after the judgment, the conclusion period, and close the books once and for all (only the righteous and pious he old me would be able to touch it); at this time he also told me the fragrance will penetrate one’s bones.

(Jerusalem) Then we flew over a city, it was Jerusalem, the old city of Salem, of which the high king, Melchizedik once brought bread and wine to Abram. Here under a mountain I saw a holy stream, it was flowing, then another mountain and a valley, here ran the stream towards the west, then a smaller mountain appeared and another valley, dry and deep, with hard rocks and no trees, and it was all such a marvel.

Notes (and Interlude #2):

First Origins

(Notes: during this process of watching and seeing, and asking questions, I had a moment of time to seriously think of what is called “First Origins,” and related it back to my studies in Philosophy, Psychology and Theology. I guess what I saw is modern natural philosophers look at the nature of reality, not qualified scientists by far, so they express themselves, as often I do in poetry, or on the metaphysical schemes of life. So was evolution involved in creation. Well, the cosmos are changeless, and all things are changing, and this journey helped me come to this understanding, and everything is meaningful and purposeful, so I feel, thus, there is a great chain of being, or life forms involved here. So I’d like to think, or substitute evolution for creation since scientists are limited, to only studying occurring objects and events in the present environment. I add this in here because Plato, or Aristotle contributed philosophy and nothing for the laboratory, and scientist I think will back me up, the Biblical criteria for God’s created universe is better than it happened human philosophy. )

Who were the Renegades?

(Also, before I go on with my dream journey, I’d like to address one other thing quickly, the Angelic Renegades: did they exist? In my Old Testament studies, at Liberty University in the 1980s, working on my Masters Degree, this was a most interesting subject. In spite of the complexity and vagueness, I concluded, at least for myself, the issue solved. In the Old Testament, they were called “Sons of God,” perhaps a tinge of a mythological sound to that, if not supernatural, but they were historical descendents of somebody, or they could be the daughters of men, also used. But it was plane to many in the fist century AD, after Christ what it meant. Even some theories say they were marriages between Cro-Magnon men and Neanderthal women, most unlikely. I see a clear line between divine beings and humans. History as recorded Gilgamesh, to be two thirds supernatural (or demonic) and one third human, as was Saint Christopher. So I do not find supernaturalism so far fetched. The Jewish and Christian writers have interpreted these beings to be also supernatural, educated men, with lots of PhD’s We should not look at this as mythology, but theology.
I have looked at two manuscripts, especially the Alexandrinus Codex (forth Century A.D.) And have written about them in poetic form in a few of my books, and the Septuagint, all confirming these were angels of God. But the most confirming piece of evidence I found was the Great historian Flavius Josephus, whom was Jewish, but worked with the Romans, to the dismay of his Jewish counterparts, along with all the church fathers of those far off days. It was not until the 5th century this theory was abandoned of the supernatural interpretation of Genesis.

The Journey and Dream

(The Latter Days) After we had left Jerusalem, I was taken on a trip that seemed to me to go from one end of the world to the other, and I saw many gates from the heavens open up and down came rain, and snow, and hail, and down came frost and mighty winds, and I saw violence and sorrow upon the earth, during this time. And then we changed directions, and we went instead of north, we went west, and I saw in time in the east, more destruction. And to the south, and again the winds and extreme weather conditions prevailed.

(Note: in 1998 and 2000, I had some dream-visions, I documented them, but not like I did in the 1980s, and made a book out of it, but what I say was the false prophet, and what I heard was the world would be under satanic influence, it was a two part vision: the message was: ‘The Beast, his army the antichrist, terrorism and war,’ this was before I believe Bin Laden was the number one criminal in the world. You need not believe me it is just something I found after eight years of this book sitting, and I read inside the book what I wrote, and put it in here. It is nothing we do not know; it just confirms with me, I’m on the right track. Actually right after I had those two visions, I wrote the outline of the book “The Manticore…” it was not properly edited at the time, and sorrow to say, it didn’t sell well, but it was the bases for the plot. I figured out the Secret of the Beast during these latter days, it being ‘even if you win, you lose, for there is more than plan, and maybe he wants to lose.)

But on this journey, all these things came to mind, and that Christ had told his followers above all, let no man deceive you. And as I looked down upon the earth, I saw many God-pretenders, for now there are many Christ pretending cults, such as the Mormons, and Jehovah Witnesses, in both cases I attended their services, and studies, and to include Armstrongism. There were on earth I saw them, many Jesus movements. I realized, since the time of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar, these have been the times of the gentiles, for the most part. As we sailed across the a atmosphere I knew I really did not have to worry, I mean the destiny of the breast (the Army of Satan) and false prophet has already been determined, it is just a matter of how many will join him, in this millennium.

(End) It was hard at times to behold the faces of the angels, they were so holy and righteous, henceforth, I did, and then as I was about to say something, a whirlwind grabbed me, and I descended to earth, it carried me back to my bed, and into life I woke up.

The Ancestor before Time

Those who were sick in their hearts
(during the latter days)
made dwelling places for the elect ones,
those chosen by Satan; surrounded by his
ten-wings, created before time;
Lord of the Air, and to his followers
he demanded to be worship;
I saw him in a 1980s vision: pacing
like the Tiamat, among the clouds.

#2326 (8-15-2008)

The Angels Never Came Back
(In the Latter Days)

A ´poem

Imprudence could be found at all corners of the earth
During the latter days; no place for holy angels to rest
For wisdom went out with death, but death came back
It needed no rest, and thoughtlessness remained:
With the children of the people of earth; and in time
Wisdom tried to return, and settled among a few
Then came iniquity into every crack and crevice
And the angels moved out again, and man
Wondered if they’d return, for the few
That were left, they were the dew
And the thirst of these days,
But like rain in a desert,
They never came back.

#2325 ( 8-15-228)

Final Part of the Journey
(Notes and Dream)

Journey into the Deep (Hell)

((Surr’el) (the Long Chain)) When I had woken up, I saw in a vision the following events, perchance, the angelic beings did not prefer to show me these, personally but with an adjustment to my eyes, I saw what they wanted me to see: those locked in Sheol came forward, brought back to life, and voice was picking out the ones whom were holy from the dead (of one of the 72-deaths). I seen many souls wrapped in linen, walking with dark faces, or no faces, and among the risen dead, the Elect One, selected and saved, he sat on a throne and called their names. And the mountains and the hills moved when I talked, and the angels were present, and many glowed and smiled for they had known many of the dead (this was a secret vision I do expect).
I heard my name, it was Surr’el, he said he was he angel of peace, for now and then, that what was revealed to me was then, not now. And I sat as if in a honeycomb, and it seemed to be melting about me. And all the souls deep into a valley, a sea of people, sinners, facing the earth, and then came a long, very long chain, and Satan was the tied to the first link, And Azaz’el, to the second, and on and on, until they got to the demons, such as Agaliarept, Satan’s Henchman in Hell, other Demonic soldiers (Buer, one of the guards in hell, under his command) Gusoyn; the three Heated Dogs; Amduscias, the Grand Duke of Hell, Belphegor, the King of the Demons, Tyr the Mischievous; and the Nightmare Demon, and the lesser spirits.
And the chain was long and heavy, and the Angel of peace had prepared these chains and the smaller links were for the kings of the world, those destroyers of the earth and peace, and humankind.
And I put my hands over my head, trying to wipe away anymore visions, but nonetheless they came, and I saw: great judgment and disasters, feminine, tribulation and a deep valley. And there was fire in the valley, and many a soul was pushed into it, and the chain dragged many more into it. I saw Micha’el again, he was present, and Gabriel (and I told myself, “When will this day and night ever end!” Then I say a host, a horde more like it of Holy Angels marching, with an iron and bronze net, and they searched high and low, and those they found hiding and guilty, henceforth, to be reckoned with, they cast into the crevices of the abyss in the valley. And the valley got filled up with bodies, and the elite of the earth was shaken by what was happening, and just then, the earth shook, from end to end, and all could feel and hear the sound of this noise, and those whom did not want to bow, bowed anyhow.

Trying to Understand Nighmares

(The Nightmare Demon: see picture on front cover) There is such a think as called the Nightmare Demon, it is biblical, and there are charms, spells that can produce this. These demon, or spirits of evil, imps, looks similar to the picture on this book, which Clark A. Smith drew. Such spirits are foul, they and if you wake during their visit, often times one can become short of breath. A friend of mine, artist friend in Lima, has had many such visits, where he actually saw them; I have not experience this in that capacity, although I have seen demonic figures, and smelled their foulness. Anyhow, they have a heavy breath, and sit on your bed, if not your chest, and breathe this foulness into you, and I assume this creates a nightmare, so I have been told, and have had many in the past, I now simply pray to the Lord each night to rid me and my house of such imps. These creatures attack at night, and breath into your nostrils, causing horrible dreams, and if present can cause a paralyzes, although once dreaming the body automatically goes into a state of being frozen, this is different. Dreams in themselves are necessary, but nightmares are not.

(The Incubus) An example of such demon, might be, the Incubus, a male demon, ghostly sexual wanting intercourse, seeks out women in the night (different than the nightmare demon, but similar for he acts when she is sleeping), as proclaimed by giving birth to Mother Shipton, the prophetess, whose mother was said to have been visited by one, off and on, and the villages tried aimlessly to protect her, in the 15th Century, legend or Lore, or reality? It is for the reader to figure out, but do not be fooled and think everything one cannot explain is legend, and untruth. The word, Incubus, is Latin for Nightmare.

(Imps) When I imply imps, I perhaps shouldn’t, for they dwell mostly in the forest, but I used the word loosely I suppose to mean demonic small forces, lesser forces, or unfamiliar spirits.

(Diet, Psychology, Prophecy in Dreams) Nowadays, the scientists, and psychologists, and so forth, blame nightmares on the vagaries of diet, and that may very well be part of it. But there is more to it then food, I believe; perhaps one’s sins, occupation, various forms of stress. These dreams, bad dreams, nightmares can be blocked, either by prayer, or oneself, if trained to; we are not talking about avoidance, but possession, nor are we talking about prophecy. Psychologically we can use dream rehearsal and dream lucidity. Check with your professionals, as well as clergy for therapy, or learning more on this subject.

(Education vs. Theology and Psychology) I did much of my graduate studies in Theology, and undergraduate studies in Psychology, and doctorate studies in learning and education. So in the above information, I have used all but the educational part which I will now. Education is teaching, or edifying, cultural or learning. Many of my previous books are in Peruvian cultures. Other parts of my education were in sociology and philosophy, so you get in this book of course all of the above, and now the Educational part as I have already told you. Nightmares, can be a necessary medicine at times, they can present, openings, depending on whose nightmares you are receiving. They can be healing, from past emotional stress, and thus a release. And even at times warning, if present in a pattern; I kept getting a nightmare in Vietnam, of getting on a plane and crashing; I had the dream over and over and over. When I left Vietnam, I was talking to a stranger at the airport in Saigon, a man, now that I look back, talked a lot about Jesus, to the point he got me annoyed and I said, “Yaw, yaw,” got up to see how my plane was doing, and the man said, “We called that flight fifteen minutes ago, you missed it. The next flight was an hour later, I got on the plane, and when it landed I heard my original flight crashed just before reaching Japan. I never had the nightmare again.
So here was a behavior pattern, and an opportunity that I did not realized I needed to remedy, but some angelic being problem did. So in the process of learning, I’ve learned to take all into consideration. Be it psychology, theology, science, and faith. What is the sense having having these disciplines and not taking note of them, and using them? If you are asking, or telling, or saying at this moment, “You didn’t know, so it really didn’t help you,” you might be right, but it can help you.

Multiple Sclerosis (Perhaps a Help)

Multiple Sclerosis

Here is a mysterious disease, one that South America and most warm states in the United States do not have. It seems to belong to the colder more gray climates of the world. Now look at the article, and it may help you.

Keep walking, walking, walking, never stop, if you do, Multiple Sclerosis, will get caught up with you, and bye by, to walking, get the wheel chair my friend, it is the end to the end for walking. Get out of the cold and dimly lit environment you are in, and gray climates; get to the sun, where you get Vitamin D, sucked up into your body, like a hurricane (perhaps drink some milk); your immune system is nil you know, and it knows it…icky. Stop that stressful job, and your headaches may disappear, or your spine may become cured. Get rid of those who chant, you can’t. MS is many things, but few know how to care for it while it increases each day, unto months, and debilitates you to a puppet. For your numbness, take Glucosamine 500; and for your vision, and if you are dropping things try several natural enhancers. Find a doctor to give you calm down pills, perhaps, Alprazolam. If you are going to the bathroom, 16-times a day, see the doctor and ask why can’t have, Oxybutynin Chloride (5mg, should do). Amantadine can be used for your throat, for prevention (again see the doctor on this, do not take my word, and check it out). DHEA can help as a supplement for your strength; also, CQ10, can help; and for the spine pain, Naproxen (500 MG), well good luck, I’ve had it since 1996.
Systems are not always the same, we are not inbreeding humans, we are a diverse species, and therefore, we can not predict exactly what will work for each individual. And MS is a new, fairly new disease, and many doctors do not know much about it, just putting it on the table as a neurological and often soon, a debilitating disease. So if one doctor discourages you, fire him, and find another you can work with. Some like to play God; matter of fact, pray, that may help more than all the other advice I just gave you.