Sunday, January 27, 2008

In The Fighting Fields of Bagdad and Kabul

In the Fighting Fields
of Bagdad and Kabul

Outside, and within the cities
Of Bagdad, and Kabul,
The sands blow wild,
Between the country’s roads
The hawks and the scavengers,
Here, they bravely sweep, fly low
Seldom heard amongst the arms below.

In these fighting fields
Of Bagdad and Kabul
So many dead, long days ago;
They lived, felt twilight, saw home
Were loved, gave love, and now they sprawl
In the low and wild sandy fields
Where the hawks and scavengers never bow.

Pick up this battle with the foe,
To you, who sent us here long time ago…!
We bring to you the torch, hold it high,
Do not break belief, for here we die.
If so, we shall not sleep, in these fields below
Where the hawk and scavenger, fly low.

#2185 1-27-2008

Note: Everyday some soldier is dying for the liberty of another in sandy fields of Afghanistan and Iraq, I am not sure if the inhabitants of these countries even care for freedom, or liberty, I often think we are shoving it down their throats; nor at times do I think they appreciate all the young lives be given up for them. Perhaps I look at it sideways, and this is more on how I feel than think. In any case, the only winners in this long drawn out fight is perhaps the low flying scavengers’, whom have feast over this. May the Lord be with the soldiers whom are fighting for such virtues in life to be extended?

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