Thursday, January 31, 2008

Obama vs. Hillary (and EK?)

Obama, is somehow in a high because Sen. Edward Kennedy has put his arm around his shoulder, as if he was an Uncle Tom.
I do not know Obama that well, as far as a political person, or his views, but I do know Edward, and I’d not allow his hands over my shoulder when the camera was looking, Edward is what I would call, a cold blooded murderer. Remember the book, “Dark Waters,” by Joyce Otis… here is a guy when the chips get down,
runs to a hole in the ground and like an ostrich, hides his head, hoping no one saw what he did, or have we all forgot he was responsible for the death of a young woman not so long ago. It is like having O.J. indorsing me for an honorary PH.D, forget it.


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