Monday, January 28, 2008

Four Fame and Death Poems (by: D.L. Siluk, Ed.D.

Four Fame and Death Poems


Allen Ginsberg’s Mess

Allen Ginsberg wrote a poem once
“I got old and s..t in my pants … …”
and so forth.
When he was young he did the same thing,
so what’s the difference now? I ask myself.
In either case,
he let others clean up his mess…!

#2193 1-28-2008


Guyana Today

They’re killing wildly in Guyana
these days—gangs,
smashing down doors
to houses, and killing kids
with smiling faces, like fish, on
a butcher’s table…!

#2189 1-28-2008


Earth, from the Moon

The moon, has a bright eye
and a dark, and blindside to this eye;
yet, it sees, from day to day, the earth’s ways…;
the over population, and the many military invasions,
countries playing nuclear science, like Monopoly,
and much, much more!
It isn’t worried about human salvation,
alchemy, or equations, or such things.
The moon feels, all such related should be
cared for, by the humans, those with
two good eyes.

#2188 1-28-2008


The War God

Three words: The War God.
Who is the war God? God?
I thought I knew, until now.
I never heard his voice—
the God voice, the real voice
of the War God.
Some have said it is Jesus,
for He will come on a white war horse,
for war—during the end days!
But that is not now, perhaps soon though.
Others say it is JHVH—from the past,
but again, that is not now, it was then!
I eliminated Buddha, for some odd reason.
So who is left, but Allah?
But like the rest, that also is a guess.

All the religious folks shut their doors,
when they hear such talk, or
blame it on Satan, he has broad shoulders,
does he not?
Perhaps Satan may blame it on Confucius,
or some Hindu god (why not!).

Perchance the world is addicted to war,
and god and war are a good exchange
for peace, when one gets tired of war.
On another note, we need someone to
blame, do we not,
when we get tired of the same old game
played way too long.

#2187 1-28-2008

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