Thursday, January 24, 2008

Four Holy Poems (written in the '80s)

Here are a few poems written in the 1980s, never published before, I call these four poems "The Holy Poems." They were found among my papers in 2003, after my mother died, and I cleaned her house, I had many things packed away I guess. I hope you enjoy them.

1) The Hand

Of all the beauty that I’ve ever seen,
It was a hand that was supreme;
Like holy due with lights from heaven
It filled the space within our presence;
And there I sat, in respectful fear,
And torched the hand that disappeared.

Notes: Written November, 1987 ((from visions, #87) (Ref: Isa. 49:15))

2) The Garden

In a garden I saw Him,
Elbows upon a rock—
Deep in thought;

His eyes firm,
looking towards heaven.
Like pillars of stone
A lake at rest.

Then I whispered, “Lord,
Is this really you?”
An undertone come back:
“Yes, it’s True.”

Notes: Written November, 1987 (from visions) #88

3) The Mist

He said ther’d be no tears in heaven
Where I shall be some day;
And I thought, when by the pearly gates:
“What of my friends in hell?”

Then within a mist of sacred dew
I became awe-stricken, paralyzed;
It permeated my pours (osmosis)
A new beginning, I cried!

I knew now, the divine wonder to be—
A touch of God’s joy, inside of me.

Notes: Written November, 1987 ((from visions, #89)(Ref: Rev. 21:4))

4) The Thorns

Within a crown of earthly thorns
In a misty fog one early morn—
Strenuously I looked straight ahead,
And saw the deity of Christ’s head;

Tears rolled down my ransomed face
Unto the earth that took His grace
And with a hiss and smile inside—
Silently I knew, He was Alive!

Notes: Written, April, 1988 (from Visions) #93
St. Paul, Minnesota

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