Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Beyond Man (Dennis Siluk's #18 poem, 1963)

(A poem written before its time)

((Originally written in 1963, and published in “The Surveyor,” Washington High School newspaper, St. Paul, Minnesota)(and first time published on the internet; the poem was originally written while in Journalism Class, at the age of 16-years old, Dennis’ first published work)) Poem # 18

Let’s assume!
People seem to think
It’s far too far,
The darkness beyond the sun;
But it’s actually but a distance
Of the far-off run.

But yet it shields
A shivery chillness,
A warming sense of defeat,
But an ever lasting wanting
Of the far-off victories.

You know,
Imagination can go a long way,
As far as man can see,
And yet beyond the darkness
Man has yet to be.

Beyond he blue of the sky
Man has yet to see
The everlasting oceans,
Which stir eternally?

Note: One must remember, this poem was written before man had landed on the moon. Space was just being challenged, Star Trek, was just beginning to show up on TV. The Universe was a strange and haunting viewpoint of sorts; guesses for everyone. #18/ 1963. Therefore when I wrote this poem, it captures the moment, giving a breath of imagination, for us students at Washington High School. Metaphysics, or the study of the cosmos, was for the population at large, a new branch of study, other than the fictional movies of monsters from the moon or Mars, or Edgar Rice Burrough's books on Mars. So it was a poem for the school to be looked at, and the journalism teacher found it good enough for the paper.

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