Friday, January 25, 2008

Last Roundup for a Star

Why is everyone making such a big fuss over this dim light from Hollywood, who was a star for a few movies, or years? They are portraying it as if James Dean died, or Marlon Brando, or even Elvis. I had to stop and think just who this guy is, woops, was, Heath Ledger. As I searched my memory, and saw that he played in
“A Knight’s Tale,” I said to my wife, “Yes, I know the guy…too bad he died, wonder what happened (a rhetorical question?)” Then I went about reading some poetry of Tennessee Williams, and Allen Ginsberg’s.
It is always sad when someone takes their life, and of course we are not sure of that yet, if indeed he did overdose purposely or what—and one so young, too bad he could not have gotten this kind of notoriety while alive, it does him little good now.
And as far as “Brokeback Mountain,” goes, it was a slimy film, I’d pick “A Knight’s Tale,” any day over that, but Hollywood does strange thinks for pretty boys. I suppose what we don’t know now, will come out later, it always does, and usually it is the secrets behind closed curtains; because at this point, it is, or seems pretty strange to me, they know so little about what took place, even with a good examination, and yet they know so much about him, it tells me, something is fishy in the kitchen. But I will have to endure the suspense, for now.
I am sure the movie folks in Hollywood, are happy to have all this coverage, when the Batman will be flying over the USA pretty soon, and dropping tickets so us good folks can see, the last move of this great, great, great (not sure how many greats I should put here) hero.
Has the world lost anything? Perhaps not; his movies in time will turn to dust, and he will be on the back page in a few months, of some magazine of one of many who died in 2008. To his group of loved ones, of course he will be remembered, and the few movies he made, when they air on TV, we will say “Yah, I remember…him, what’s his name?” I do hope he died for something.

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