Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Seeds of the Eel People (Part III)

Part III

The Seeds of the Eel People

They know their ways, they act stupid some times, but it is on purpose, they
think faster than we act, --it is our life they
process, as if it was theirs—a war is going on here. They feel they are special, and the rest of us
we’re made to adjust to them—the eel people (one must remember, there are several species to the eel family).

Magnificent, they can look, and act, President Garcia of Peru, is one, and so was, and is W. Burroughs, A. Ginsberg, Saddam, Castro, Hillary, Annan, Giuliani, Russia’s top dog, Iran’s middle dog, and I can go on and on and on.
The faces may not even match the slayer instinct they have, for it is hidden often, their slim colorless souls, are never exposed…
the eel people haul them about, like a trash can; in the world they may
even be giving flowers
out, made out of utopian dung, nameless faces, are many, headless, blissful
hymns they sing to heaven, hoping God will want them—fooled they are in their on dung, for God is not their pet, and yet, they’d hope so.
These are the eel people, the arguing ones, and strangers unto themselves,
afraid of death, because they’ve done so much wrong, but can’t believe God would send them to hell, or one of the 72-deaths.
Thus, knowing where they are going (some do you know, especially just before
they die) they plant seeds here on earth, doing the Devil’s work.
Yet, let them not kid themselves, death, in a world of nothingness, awaits them;
day-less, darkness, only a black handkerchief to wipe the tears and sweat
from their forehead; yet, like phantoms, they come!

I never thought of people like this before, the, so called eel people, it perchance
was a hidden fancy; lo, to think I was so immature, unstable, to see civilization with glass marble eyes—and no mirrors, when widespread
corruption, rooted in the
people’s soul and heart, was the immeasurable abyss the eel people had come out of, bringing their most revered traditions: arms of pleasure,
pessimistic views, to let the people know or think they can restore to society
(what they took, in the name of God—and righteousness, and so all can have a better life) their great anti decadents measures; these are the conquered souls by Satan.
This subtle infusion of cult in our time, and false faiths, with mystic superstitious,
roots, indifference, all penetration of the eel people, into the enslaved—us-
people, people they want to rule, and control; hence, deep in their hearts, they have no ethical theory, yet they produce one
for us, --we are the ‘us,’ thing for them: these are the laughing philosophers—kin to the eel people, you
could say.

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