Friday, February 1, 2008

The Fat Cats of Germany, Got Sassy

The Fat Cats of Germany,
Got Sassy

Germany refuses to send troops into Afghanistan, more troops that is, what is the problem here, Gates says there is a problem, no such thing, my recommendation is, tell the German Minister of Defense Frank Josef Jung, we will simple send 20,000-troops we got stationed in Germany there (and not replace them), and thus, the issue is settled, and the German folks who depend on the dollar to can watch their German Minister on TV tell our Mr. Gates, how he cooperated. There is always a solution, we should have moved out of Germany long ago, anyhow, moved our troops to a place closer to Turkey, let us say, a country that appreciates us like, Romania (it is cheaper and a better location, since the trouble is in the Middle East nowadays). The fat cats of Germany got to fat and sassy. The US has paid a dear price keeping troops and spending money on NATO, when NATO, is really a segment of Europe, and drains our man supply, not to mention money. NATO is really more of burden than a help for us, so I see it that way. It is always with Germany, help us first, and we will throw a few peanuts your way, to show our gratitude. They are hard working folks, but just greedy, a German is for a German, not for the interests of the United States, we just can’t figure that out though. Jung said they were already assisting in the 3,200-troops they have sent, a drop in the bucket really, when it comes to how many troops we have stationed in Germany. We really need to look at the interests of the United States here, not the German interests, they all ready are doing that for themselves, and of course milking American tax payers in the process. I suppose I can’t blame them, if we are so dumb, well, whose fault is that.

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