Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Toe Poems

The Toe Poems
((Little ditties)( Dedicated to Chris Knight,
Casey and the Ezinearticle group))


The Fly Toe Poem

How many toes does a fly have?
Not feet—toes!
“I really don’t know, but I would
guess, enough to get caught in a
spiders web.”

#2230 (2-7-2008)


The Spider Toe Poem

How many toes does a spider have?
“I don’t really know, but what I do
know is this:
they have enough to slide down
their own sticky web.”

#2231 (2-7-2008)


The Elephant Toe Poem

How many toes does an Elephant have?
“I really don’t know, nor care,
but I’ll say this: they have a few big
toenail stubs, that you can’t miss.”

#2232 (2-7-2008)

Note on the poems: today I sat back in a cafĂ©, in Lima, Peru, had my three shot latte, and a cookie, and got thinking about rhymes, my wife took off to the store to get some watermelon, and I got thinking, and toes came to my mind, rhymes and toes, as I watched the cars go by outside the sunny window, and slowly drank down my latte, and it kept coming to me toes, out of the blue, in this order (after a fly was after my cookie): flies, spiders and elephants, what do they all have in common…you guessed it, odd areas for toes, so what do you do, or they do to get where they need to go with their special toes, and so the poems came to life; that is to say, they seemed to have created a life of their own. And so you have it, the story behind the toe poems.

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