Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Going--Going, Gone! (a poem)

Going—Going, Gone!

Yes, I’m going, going, going
going far away
yes, I’m going, going, going,
almost gone you might say
yes, we are all going away
almost gone away
we are all going someday;
won’t be back tomorrow
going, going—gone
just like the others
going, going—gone
like the end of a song
gone, gone, gone—going
to the other place.

We were never meant to stay
not much lift here anyway,
not much more to say,
done almost everything
that could make a man’s ears ring
so long, tell them I’m gone!
until we meet again
until another day
no promises, no way
no plans today.

Going, going gone
gone, gone, going,
going, gone away
no more taxes, to pay
no more taxies, to take
yes, yes going, gone
just like that…
like I never was
here today, gone tomorrow
and tomorrow‘s another day.

Yes, I’ve got a gray beard,
waist gone, gone, going
white hair for sideburns
yes, I’m on my way
going, going, gone (almost)
gone, gone, gone (almost)
going there, gone from here
like the end of a song
I came one day, and left
just like that
gone with dong
gone with a song
going, going gone—

#2219 2-5-2008

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