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The Complete Muhammad Letters (Poems inspiried)

The Muhammad Papers
(Year of the Elephant)

(Inspired, and Illustrated)

Twelve (XII) Poetic, Prophetic Letters found in a Cave in Medina, and now
Translated for the first time

Revelations from the Prophet Moss (634 AD)

By Three Time Poet Laureate, Ed. D.
Dennis L. Siluk

Awarded the National Prize of Peru, "Antena Regional": The best of 2006 for promoting culture (through his Poetry and Writings)
The Muhammad Papers
Dennis L. Siluk

Illustrated by the Author

Dennis L. Siluk, Ed. D
Poet Laureate

Haikus for Evil

No one goes, and
Does evil (or kills) in the Name of God;
That is Satan’s work.


Muhammad, the Islamic Prophet was born in the “Year of the Elephant,”
And died at age of 62-years, of an illness, in the year 632 AD

In these few short poems; one may gather up the nature of Muhammad, perhaps better than another book, without any biases, they express his nature more than his deeds than anything else, and according to historical data.


Haiku for Evil

The Prophet Moss
(From the Echoes of the archangels)

Letter #2 “From the Grave of Muhammad”
((Inspired by Raguel) (archangel))

Letter #3 “The Battle of Badr”
(A Revelation from the angel Uriel to Moss)

Letter #4 “the Coffin Makers”
(Revelation given to Moss from Michael)

Letter #5 the Prophet from the Orphan
(A Revelation from Gabriel to Moss)

Letter #6 “the Arrow & the Apple”
Inspired by Lucifer (undetected until now,
He was pretending to be, Raguel, who takes vengeance
For the world)

Letter #7 “the Underworld”
(Revealed by Saraqa’el the Archangel, Guide for Moss, while touring Heaven)

Letter #8 “Story of the Cranes"
(Inspired from the spirit voice of Rufael, the Archangel)

Letter #9 “Mecca’s Cry: the Year of Sorrow”
(As remembered from the mouth of Moss the Prophet)

Letter #10 “Pledge under the Tree”
(A Revelation from Muhammad Himself to Moss)

Letter #11 “Spirit of the Dark”
(Amduscias and the Trees of Hell)

Letter #1 “A Poetic Sketch on:
A´isha Bint Abu Bakr”
((Inspired by Sure’el (archangel of trembling)
(Wife of the Prophet))

Moss, the Great Prophet from Medina
634 AD

The Prophet Moss
(From the Echoes of the archangels)

Moss, a great prophet of his day,
stood between heaven and earth,
so it was is written, and saw
the emmence, and very pillars
of heaven, and saw the winds,
turn the course of the sun and
saw the stars as well, and they fell,
beneath the clouds, and the angels
held them up, and they were flaming
day and night, and a voice said,
prophet of the earth, listen: mark
down these words, keep them far
from the pit, and let not the foundation
under the waters of the earth,
listen, save, they steal these words
and make havoc with them.
Break down the pillars, tell the truth,
from the beginning, for it has now
turned into a mystery…I give you
revelations on earth’s number one
enemy! (Muhammad)

#2270/ 2-16-2008 (inspired 6:30 PM)
Letter: II

“Oh,” from the Grave of Muhammad

Inspired by Raguel (archangel)

“Oh!” Surprised by death
He suffered from the anger and hate,
filaments he had inside his breast:
madness—; he lays now in his illness,
covered with sand…
his soul, in a washbasin.
His mouth calling “Oh!”
from the dead;
he was surprised
God did not let him into heaven.
Alas! Death came with no other

#2261/ 2-16-2008 (Revelation received, 3:00 PM)

Letter: III

The Battle of Badr

(A Revelation from the angel Uriel to Moss)

There will be blood in the sand tonight—
Like gravy over meat,
Dead bodies eating soil, vultures chewing
Hearts from corpuses’
Eyes plucked out, of their sockets, like
Candles in a twist—
And I see Muhammad hiding in a cave,
Safe, watching all this;
Yesterday, he walked tall, like a peacock,
Among men of the world;
Today, he’s evasive, hiding behind shadows,
Like a frightened little girl.

#2262/ 2-16-2008

Letter: IV

The Coffin Makers

(Revelation given to Moss from Michael)

What Moss saw in the far off days?

We are Islam.
We are the coffin makers.
We are Death.
We hate Jews and Christians;
we pack them in carts
like potatoes.
The body fires like stars:
we use children,
women and the insane.
We are to them,
their savior.
We are the death makers.
We are Islam.
We have credentials.


Letter V

The Prophet from the Orphan

(A Revelation from Gabriel to Moss)

He eats the heart of man
spits them out like fingernails—;
his followers threaten even the Pope
or any man, of speech, and freedom
if they do not listen, take head.
He was once an orphan,
now he’s Islam. Once a poor
broken tool, ornament, whom
decided to make a religion
decided to free a people
(from the bondage of many gods)—
then held them hostage,
corralled like hogs,
accountable; put his new world
under his heel, as they cried
in duress; thus, he simply said:
I am the word of God
(the prophet
from the Orphanage).

#2264/ 2-16-2007)

Letter VI

The Arrow & the Apple

Inspired by Lucifer (undetected until now,
He was pretending to be, Raguel, who takes vengeance
For the world)

Hell’s High Tower

And Raguel heard Satan whisper to Moss, as he was sitting on a mountain top, looking down upon the land (and here is what he wrote in his scriptures):

“You are a knife in my side Moss, I gave Muhammad messages
and you try to poison my words, the very words I gave to him;
give them lies, lies, big lies, small ones they detect, oh yes—yes,
they detect: big ones they never check. You are my infection! Yet
I must admit, I’ve been getting much attention out of this, those
letters you now write for posterity, will not be discovered until
the 21st Century.

What harm have I done you? None! Did I make you insane, as I have
a certain other prophet? No! Have I made your heart sour, as I’ve done to you know who? No! And here you climb to the roof of the city, to this mountain top, overlook it, and pray to God—my antagonist.

Muhammad is dead, under my wing, my pillow, under my stirrups. And you, I, give you all you wish, like I did for Muhammad, and this is what I get, ingratitude.” (And that was that.)

#2267/ 2-16-2008 (Muhammad was 62-years old when he died, in the year 632 AD)

The Underworld

(Revealed by Saraqa’el the Archangel, Guide for Moss, while touring Heaven)

Belphegor, King of the

Moss, the Great Prophet of Medina, wonderer of the wastelands in 633 AD, wrote the following revelation, as he had ascended into the atmosphere:

“Birds turned into plums and apples; a wind swept me up into the heavens, I thought my body would turn into a corpse, I went so fast, hanging onto Saraqa’el, tightly on his back, I twisted and twirled, and almost lost my grip. Then the birds disappeared, and there I was. I was seventy-three years, at this time, and
this great archangel, my guide, introduced me to Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, and then I looked about for Muhammad, and then asked, ‘Where is this great, great, great man, prophet of God?’ And an angel by the name of Gabriel answered,’ I think he’s down yonder taking a nap.’ I hesitated to ask, where yonder was, in fear, Gabriel may think I was perplexing, and that just would not do. Then I asked again, and another angel answered, ‘I’ll tell you where yonder is, if you write me a poem?’ I paused to see if he was serious, and he diffidently was. I did not feel great by all means; a tinge of wine would have helped. Then I heard an echo, a deep, deep echo, that ascended from below, that other angel said, here is his voice, and I listened carefully, and it said: ‘Idiot prophet, I’m dead, will you take my place here in Saul…instead’ short for hell I think, ‘the devil’s got me by the tail, hurry up, make up your mind, I’m the great prophet of all time!’ I didn’t say a word, I just wanted to go back to earth, and see those birds.”

#2268/ 2-16-2008
Letter VIII

“Story of the Cranes"
(Inspired from the spirit voice of Rufael, the Archangel)

“Story of the Cranes"
(the Satanic Verse),
Muhammad’s involvement,
I lived through these times,
the account holds true,
that Muhammad pronounced
a verse, acknowledging the existence
of three Meccan goddesses
considered to be the daughters
of Allah—praising them he did,
and thereafter appealing for their
intercession. According to my
observations, Muhammad later
retracted his statements,
the verses, saying Gabriel
had instructed him to do so.
Just in time, I would guess?

Note: In the tenth century this was rejected as a false entry of his life, yet it stood the test of time, for 350-years, until one day, woops, it is no longer history. 2269 2-15-2008 (1:30 AM, received revelation)

Letter IX

Mecca’s Cry: the Year of Sorrow

(As remembered from the mouth of Moss the Prophet))

His heart beat like the sea
his anger was as if he had bees in his mouth;
Mecca became a dead city
after he killed them all
(10,000-soldiers strong, he conquered
them, butchered, like hogs).
The flies had a feast…, for
they tore open their bellies like beasts!
Their heads severed, rolled off,
down the streets—;
they would not listen,
they would not stop
they simply killed and killed,
as if, in a death dance.

#2271/2-16-2008 (10:50 PM)

Letter: X

“Pledge under the Tree”
(A Revelation from Muhammad Himself to Moss)

The Devil

While in the process of conquering the lands of Arabia (624 AD to 632 AD)

“I wanted everything, the houses, the dogs, hogs, ropes, and
jewels, even the souls, the family heritage, even the food, everything, and when the people who did not bend their wills,
I wanted to kill their wills; whoever was left, ate chicken
bones. My army, had pledged their lives to me, their souls,
to die for me, to kill, to kill to the very end of their days: to
battle, be it man, women, child, even virgins; they
died liked chickens or hens; twenty eyes like volcanoes
came and butchered them.

“There is never a silence in my head, only teeth and death. It comes each day, in shock waves, the vibrating twitching of muscles and swords clashing. I killed so many with no reason,
it was a season of red rain, in my days.

“I try to swallow my memory, but it keeps coming back,
chained down to oblivion, like a crucifixion; even
laughter does not help anymore, memory comes back,
luminous, like a clock.

“Once upon a time, I was a young man, and I died, for
no reason, like so many.”

#2272/ 2-16-2008 (11:15 PM)

Note: Muhammad, in the course of his battling with his enemies, he had his followers make a pledge to their death, called, “Pledge under the Tree,” perhaps this is where the suicide bombers got their credo, to the death.

Letter: XI

Spirit of the Dark

Amduscias and the Trees of Hell

Powerful Grand Duke of Hell
powerful demon, of 29-infernal legends in hell:
once a unicorn, once a human, you come in many forms:
thou bends to the music of heaven, commands
at will the trumpets of hell—yea plays
and the trees sway: who art thou
who comes in the form of
familiars (dogs and cats
bats and rats…) your
legend from hell?
so some say, one in the form
of Muhammad! Thus, a curse
to us, ordinary people of this thin world.

There is a Christian, belief, or call it folklore, that Muhammad was born on the day, year and month considered the Mark of the Beast, 666 AD, and not on 634 AD, as history has recorded it, and that he was the beast incarnate, the devil, or at best, a simply demon. #2264/2-17-2008

Letter: I

A Poetic Sketch on:
A´isha Bint Abu Bakr

Inspired by Sure’el (archangel of trembling)

(Wife of the Prophet)

Aisha 3rd Wife to Muhammad

To my understanding Mohammad the Prophet, had 13-wives.
Aisha was his 3rd, and very, very, very young; she was, said to
have been nine-years old, and the only virgin. Sawda, his second,
so it is said, yet there is a belief out there Aisha may have been his
second instead, but did not make love to her until after He wed Sawda,
being so very, very, very young ((`A´isha Bint Abu Bakr)(she who lives))

`A´isha Bint Abu Bakr: mother of believers: so it was, in older times,
one often married to strengthen ties, with families, clans, with other
armies, and kingdoms, and so it has been suggested, Muhammad did
just that, similar to Alexander the Great.

Aisha, lived with her parents to the age of nine, when the marriage
was consummated. Thus, after the wedding, it is said, Aisha continued
to play with her toys, in Median, in 622 AD.

It seems history records she was his most favoured wife, and he received
most of his revelations when she was in his presence. And even though
it might have been motivated for other reasons, they did become fond of
each other, and blessed by heaven.

It has been also said, Aisha had gone looking for her necklace, one
morning, and her caravan had taken off, left her behind, unnoticed,
and soon after a stranger found her, brought her back to the caravan, and
was thereafter called an adulater, until that is, until Muhammad
got a new revelation, from heaven, clearing her of any such charges.

After Muhammad’s death in 632 AD, at the age of 62, Aisha’s father became
the leader of the people, the new found religion, Islam, but his leadership
was to be a short run, only two years, and he gave it to Umar; whom ruled
for ten years, and was followed by another leader, thereafter.

End Note: It would seem, or at least it does to me, Aisha, was a learned woman, who—throughout her remaining years—gave stories to the Muslim world about her husband. Of her own time she must had been quite valuable as a historian. She is now of course, revered as a model for Islamic Woman. She also raised an Army, and fought against Ali, her step-son in-law. She was quite a woman indeed.

#2260/ 2-16-2008 (Inspired at 2:00 AM)

End to the book

Dr. Dennis Siluk has a Degree in Psychology, a License to Counsel in Minnesota, is an Ordained Minister, and has an Ed. D. in Education (for teaching and learning); he has traveled to more than 60-countries; and has written 36-books to date. He is a War time Vietnam Veteran. See author's site:

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