Saturday, February 23, 2008

MRSA and Aids: who are we allowed to blame? (The Green Monkey?)

MRSA and Aids: who are we allowed to blame?
The Green Monkey?

MRSA bacteria, otherwise known as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus MSRA spreads via surface-to-surface contact, symptoms can include pimple-like sores on the skin where the bacteria launch their attack. We already got the experts out there, saying it is a super bug disease, and not a gay disease, it did not take them long to blame it on the bug. Dave Mosher, Live Science Staff Writer, makes a joke out of the whole thing, as expected, he is most likely gay.

This is a hard subject, and issue for open minded adults, if it is too hard for your eyes to read, then don’t but it does exist; the seriousness of this issue will not fade into nothingness, and parents need to know this for their children, it can be contagious, if a person has this virus in their hands and you shake their hands, you might need to say some prayers, or quickly clean yourself with whatever it takes. Funny, I’m sixty years old, and when I was growing up, we never had such issues like this, worldwide, perhaps people were more considerate of others then.

It’s a shame, a shame, a shame; we avoid trying to blame Aids and MRSA on the Gays, when they are gay diseases created by them. The Gay community has done an outstanding job, hollering “Discrimination,” so they can carry on with their exposed diseases, blaming it on everyone but themselves (even the Green Monkey), and their style of living goes on unchallenged. It has killed more people than Aids I’ve heard recently, and it is now circulating the globe, and it started in my old stomping grounds (so it has been said), in San Francisco, Castro Street. I lived in that area back in 1968-69. Back then there were many gays, but they didn’t parade their way of life like peacocks, as they do nowadays, and blame everything on everybody else, but themselves; gays are transmitting this new disease, and with their filthy lifestyle, it doesn’t help; and everybody is afraid to call it what it is and put the blame on those who deserve it (no responsibility, no discipline, equals no limits: the gays like this).
It now is a growing problem for Peru, a year ago, no one heard of it (yet it dates bay a ways). This involves bacteria’s (19,000-lives in the USA have perished because of this bacteria).
In addition to gays, it also can be spread by those folks who make love in the rectum other than gays, that is where the bacteria comes from to my understanding.
If the gays could keep it in the family, and not spread it to the general population, I would not be writing this letter, but like most irresponsible kids, they can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar, they got to spread it around.

CNN: In a startling admission, the head of a major homosexual activist group said HIV/AIDS is a "gay disease."

A new ad campaign out in Los Angeles claims that HIV is a Gay disease (The Gay and Lesbian Center)

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