Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No More Slaves for the Serbs (Remembering Kosovo's Fight)

Kosovo’s Independence (2-26-2008)

More disruption with Bosnian Serbs, we have here, a mob of protesters that are giving humanity a clear message (that they are not able to confront issues with dialogue), actually they gave the citizens of Kosovo that same clear message not long ago, by the slaughtering of them, and now they want the world and the minds of the persecuted to welcome them into their little hornets nest, and to be ruled by them. If I was the Islamic Albanian in Kosovo, I’d dread being under the iron hand of these deadly souls. Look how they feel about their blessed Kosovo, can you imagine how they will feel once they get their hands on the throats of the citizens. I don’t blame the good citizens of Kosovo for wanting once and for all to rid themselves of the beasts across their boarder, God help me if I had to live under such a regime.
They wanted to kill everybody in the US Embassy there, because we stuck up for the weak side. These are real nice people to work with, just kidding of course, but I am so happy the Kosovo had the guts to stand up tall for liberty and freedom and honor, and I say that loud and clear. We have a right, like it or not, to stand up for whom we feel should be independent.
The Serbian capital, Belgrade, does not dictate to the world how they should act, or feel, when you can’t govern a country right, it is the duty of its citizens to set thing proper, not to live under the thrones of those who feel they have a right to rule over you, like a pack of snakes. Be it in Belgrade or Banja Luka, I’d not trust the government of Belgrade with my life, and if I had to be subject to them, I’d go to war I suppose, like Kosovo might, or has in the past to protect themselves from the wolves. I am proud of America, and the EU, those countries standing up for liberty. Spain, is as bad a Russia, and China (China holds a knife over the throat of Tibet, and would like Taiwan as a pet, so no wonder why they are in support of Belgrade’s policy; Spain is not much different, and Russia, well, what do you expect, they lost half their land because they were savages, and now fear they will lose a nasty little friend, one of the few left.

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