Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winter of Sorrows (an Elegy for a Friend)

Winter of Sorrows
((An Elegy for a friend) (Grieving for a loved one))

Sunlight settled around her human form
(as she visited my wife and I in our parlor,
room, this afternoon)…
agony deposits, settled around her face,
her eyes settled with gold dark beams
upon mine, we talked about her twenty-years
she spent together with her husband, like
two birds with one wing, and many feathers,
to comfort each other; through the hard and
trying times.

As I looked upon her countenance, her face,
her composure—dignified, (outwardly, quickly
I noticed, she had been aging, from a broken heart,
from grieving…from her ribs aching, and her
fingers turning to rubber, from wiping the
tears from her eyes; trying to hold up her
appearance, to be strong for God, and us;
yet her words were brushed with sorrow hidden
perhaps, laced (even edited) as if on a spool of
thread, for softly like cotton they came.

She had now thawed out, frozen once I
could tell, like a tree stump, temporarily in
the Winter of Sorrows (her husband had
died, just six weeks ago, from cancer, his body
had said “That’s it…” and he said, “Oh!”
Yet he lives in her every moment, her soul.

It is indeed, an unstable place to be, no easy
way out, our spirit surrounded by memories
and thoughts! The deceased gets out of his body,
while she’s left in the box: soft pain, yet it all
drifts to heaven, in the winter of sorrows.

Dedicated to Carmon Alfaro (#2249/2-12-2008)

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