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Yoreth, the Twenty-seventh Demigod ((reading his Tablets)(poetic prose))

Poem of the:
The Twenty-Seventh Demigod,

The Plato of Hell’s Shallow Waters)

He called his assemblage, unveiled his plan
To the seven-two names, that sat in a circle whom
Were to rule the worlds, with various qualities
And redundant plans, under a hypothesis that
That was taking too long…

He lectured, and preached,
on the table of archangels, whom to feared, that
watched over the worlds, and wrote down their names,
as commonly written, on tablets for his assemblage—

He said, Micha’el also goes by the name of Lelah,
Elsewhere, that is, so where you are assigned,
Beware, this information I’m about to give, for it
Comes under the hard research of Vau, which
He seized from the 6th, Sophiroth (spirit of beauty
And evil).

I beckon you to you all, during your trials and
Adventures, missions and all, to use black magic as
Often as possible, make much use of it, it is all related to
The order of demons, and spells to the order of
Angels and evil spirits, as well…
The arch devil Belphegor has cursed us if we don’t.
He has his legions of demons standing by, but
Fears the Arch Angel Michael his army (the Malachim).

And so today, it is my task to try and translate
Hebrew symbols into readable English
I have handed out clay tablets to each of you, to help,
and believe me tt is almost a hopeless task, however
I am the Plato of Hell’s Shallow Waters, and have
Twenty-four PhD’s, and thus, I have created these
Language tablets, lost once to mankind, now found and
Translated by me, so make sure you pronounce the words correctly, due to the fact, Aramaic was its earlier language
Of Palestine, written before the birth of Christ.

To each of you, my students, I give the Talmud, and
Of the old scrolls of the Scripture; hence, we
Shall look at the verities that existed once in the Bible,
Until translates came into being.
You will see, and witness in the Bible, and my
Tablets, ‘signs’ (astrologers) assume the signs to mean
Certain things, and this of course was taught
To me by one of the Great Watchers’, of
Prehistory, an arch angel, one of the two-hundred
Azaz’el, to watch over man, and decided to cohabitate
With woman, review Genesis 6, when you got time.

Vaho, the 49th student, stood up, said:
“The tablets submitted in this lecture, are of great
Assistance, now we will know in this world, what we are
Dealing with; this archetypal world, of a vast universe;
world of materialisms. I see in this tablet you gave,
Something that reads ‘destruction of the soul’
Which I assume is our goal?”

You are quite right Vaho, we can call it pure spirits or
The soul or sprits, or the plastic mediator—call it what
You will, but I do not use the word destruction,
Because the soul cannot be destroyed, that is why
I am giving this lecture, so you do not go off on
Some half hazard adventure. These tables
Is a mystery to the entire universe, but me?
And those Old Ones who write them.

Let me explain Vaho, the soul is immortal
By renewal of itself, even through destruction of its forms;
And so while the prey lives, you must bury the soul,
We have done this to a certain degree by presenting
Evolution as an idea, and thus this has produced
Forgetfulness without destruction, buried the soul alive,
Sort of speaking: the human flesh, the body is
The shell, the veil, like a shroud, do you understand
(Vaho nodded his head yes, still standing).

From the graces of God, proceeds the great angel Micha’el
The good angel of the soul; but you and I are of course
Uninfluenced by the good aspirations of this spirit, as is
Samael the evil spirit, the one next to you (Samael, is an
Angelic being, he laughs).

Thus, we see good and evil on the table of thoughts
Do we not? (Yeli, stands up, the 2nd in the assemblage)
“Yes, Maestro…” he yelps aloud so all can hear.
Is it not true Yeli, that God allows us to carry on to
See if His so called pure emanations: to the worlds
Can deteriorate after those whom are given his
Radioactive light, if we can produce decay in those
Grabbing on to it? “Yes indeed (says Yeli), that is God’s
Plan, weed out the decay before it gets into heaven.”

So with this in mind, you should know that humans
Have wisdom, intelligence, love and justice
Circulating in their minds; what else do they have–?
Haa (26th name in the assemblage) stood up to answer:

“Maestro, there is, according to this tablet,
Beauty in their minds, and firmness in their souls,
and splendor, and righteousness, greed and materialism.”

Student Haa, do you understand these words?
“I think so,” said Haa.

So you are not sure? Some are similar to others. For each
World you go to, different worlds have different terms, as
Did different times, and different location on earth, term righteousness differently, earth is a material world.

As you read these Hebrew tablets, some I see are reading them
Wrong, why have you not asked me how to read them?
This is a question to all?

Sit, 3rd in the assemblage, stood up, said, “Is it not
Because of pride, we do not want to look bad in front of you?”

Oh yes, yes indeed, you will be a help to your missions.
You read Hebrew from right to left, thus, just the
Reverse of English. Number one starts at the right hand side.
And if we supply the vowels, we secure the names of the enemy;
Those angelic beings watching over the cities of the world;
We must remember the names you come out with are
Aligned to the four heavens on the other side of the tablet,
These names go back to the days of the creation of the earth.

Note: and so it was, at the assemblage, all were—thereafter, assigned their missions,
duties, and locations, on earth, and elsewhere.

#2308 3-2-2008

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