Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sebire's Cry (a poem with a commentary)

Sebire’s Cry

You’ve let me cry, and cry and cry!
Now let me simply die, let me die!
No coma please, no more appeals
just help me die, with suicide…!
My plight in life is over, long gone!
The French president, please try
to understand, but all he says
is: get a new examination, options!
His help is nil, and rudely artificial.
Just let me die, let me die in Dijon—
so I can have the last words
to this eating cancer of: bone, flesh
and nerve—the last words to this
unending, vicious, vicious curse.
Hasten my death before I have
to take it upon myself…
Tell the Associated Press of my
deformations, and let me rest
let me rest, let me rest, the pain is
too, way too much, way too much!
Let me die, you’ve left me cry, and
cry and cry…!

#2331 (3-20-2008)

France, a 52-year old woman has just killed herself, Chantal Sebire, commuted suicide, suffered from a rare form of cancer: Esthesioneuroblastoma. I don’t make the rules of society, I just look at its pain and suffering, not sure if I’d like to live like that, death would at such a juncture, have less a sting, than to endure what she had to. One has to look at their beliefs, their church, government, and ask the question, as she surely did: do I dare to have these folks accept this suicide as just? And she did ask of course. Perhaps it is just, and perhaps it is not, whatever, I think God will forgive her for tacking her life (it is not the unpardonable sin); I know I would, and I don’t firmly believe in such things (yet man has chosen to induce comas in such cases, and so forth, they have justified that). It is a funny thing, we kill Whales, and Elephants, and Kangaroos, dogs and cats, and all sorts of things, war upon war (and torturing people to death), and we have a big moral question about killing a fifty-two year old woman who has been suffering with a server case of cancer; painful for seven and a half years (and to my understanding, no pain reducing substance could take the pain away), it is almost laughable. We are so much the hypocrite, what a bubble to live in but I guess we chose to.

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