Friday, March 14, 2008

Trying to Understand Nighmares

(The Nightmare Demon: see picture on front cover) There is such a think as called the Nightmare Demon, it is biblical, and there are charms, spells that can produce this. These demon, or spirits of evil, imps, looks similar to the picture on this book, which Clark A. Smith drew. Such spirits are foul, they and if you wake during their visit, often times one can become short of breath. A friend of mine, artist friend in Lima, has had many such visits, where he actually saw them; I have not experience this in that capacity, although I have seen demonic figures, and smelled their foulness. Anyhow, they have a heavy breath, and sit on your bed, if not your chest, and breathe this foulness into you, and I assume this creates a nightmare, so I have been told, and have had many in the past, I now simply pray to the Lord each night to rid me and my house of such imps. These creatures attack at night, and breath into your nostrils, causing horrible dreams, and if present can cause a paralyzes, although once dreaming the body automatically goes into a state of being frozen, this is different. Dreams in themselves are necessary, but nightmares are not.

(The Incubus) An example of such demon, might be, the Incubus, a male demon, ghostly sexual wanting intercourse, seeks out women in the night (different than the nightmare demon, but similar for he acts when she is sleeping), as proclaimed by giving birth to Mother Shipton, the prophetess, whose mother was said to have been visited by one, off and on, and the villages tried aimlessly to protect her, in the 15th Century, legend or Lore, or reality? It is for the reader to figure out, but do not be fooled and think everything one cannot explain is legend, and untruth. The word, Incubus, is Latin for Nightmare.

(Imps) When I imply imps, I perhaps shouldn’t, for they dwell mostly in the forest, but I used the word loosely I suppose to mean demonic small forces, lesser forces, or unfamiliar spirits.

(Diet, Psychology, Prophecy in Dreams) Nowadays, the scientists, and psychologists, and so forth, blame nightmares on the vagaries of diet, and that may very well be part of it. But there is more to it then food, I believe; perhaps one’s sins, occupation, various forms of stress. These dreams, bad dreams, nightmares can be blocked, either by prayer, or oneself, if trained to; we are not talking about avoidance, but possession, nor are we talking about prophecy. Psychologically we can use dream rehearsal and dream lucidity. Check with your professionals, as well as clergy for therapy, or learning more on this subject.

(Education vs. Theology and Psychology) I did much of my graduate studies in Theology, and undergraduate studies in Psychology, and doctorate studies in learning and education. So in the above information, I have used all but the educational part which I will now. Education is teaching, or edifying, cultural or learning. Many of my previous books are in Peruvian cultures. Other parts of my education were in sociology and philosophy, so you get in this book of course all of the above, and now the Educational part as I have already told you. Nightmares, can be a necessary medicine at times, they can present, openings, depending on whose nightmares you are receiving. They can be healing, from past emotional stress, and thus a release. And even at times warning, if present in a pattern; I kept getting a nightmare in Vietnam, of getting on a plane and crashing; I had the dream over and over and over. When I left Vietnam, I was talking to a stranger at the airport in Saigon, a man, now that I look back, talked a lot about Jesus, to the point he got me annoyed and I said, “Yaw, yaw,” got up to see how my plane was doing, and the man said, “We called that flight fifteen minutes ago, you missed it. The next flight was an hour later, I got on the plane, and when it landed I heard my original flight crashed just before reaching Japan. I never had the nightmare again.
So here was a behavior pattern, and an opportunity that I did not realized I needed to remedy, but some angelic being problem did. So in the process of learning, I’ve learned to take all into consideration. Be it psychology, theology, science, and faith. What is the sense having having these disciplines and not taking note of them, and using them? If you are asking, or telling, or saying at this moment, “You didn’t know, so it really didn’t help you,” you might be right, but it can help you.

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