Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mystery of the Waters (by: D.L. Siluk)

Mystery of the Waters
(After the Visit to the Moon)

When we had left the moon, I was told hastily (as if time was of the essence), to look into the waters of the earth, now finding myself with five angels, on the edge of a cloud, and I saw deep into the seas heart, a vision, within this dream, and Micha’el said:
“Examine and observe what the waters show you, focus, as the waters fill the earth, the waters have their own story to tell, and he was correct, and I looked deep into the oceans, from above the clouds, through the due, deep under the waters, to the floor of the ocean (listened and observed), I was at the ultimate depth of the earth, from one end to the other, under the deep ice of the poles, and its waters: and I was brought back in time by the waters to the pre-flood period, perhaps around 9600 to 3600 BC, or more or less (there had been I realized several great floods in the past, one around 9600 BC, another about 3600 BC, and the last about 1300 BC).
This mist I had noticed, was more like a canopy of water, covering the whole of the earth, and it seemed to make the earthly temperature quite uniform, and the land masses were different, the continents were not as they are today, there seemed to be more water than land, and the land that was above the waters were shallower around each continent’s rim, to where often one might walk into the ocean a mile or several right onto a causeway, to an island.
And I saw a great rainfall, something that was non-existent I believe before around 10,000 BC (except for those special flood periods in time), and under this vapor, this canopy of water in the form of mist lightly and gently dropped onto the surface of the earth, and it was green as green could be, most beautiful, but the flood kept coming back into my mind, both scenes ascending and descending one after the other.
I could now understand why a wide variety of animals and plant life could live; the air-pressure in the atmosphere gave more oxygen to the animals, and thus came a longer life; perhaps dinosaurs (although I did not see any).
Then I had a moment, a relapse moment from this odyssey, and found myself thinking about our ozone layer of today, it came to mind like a flash, for in those far-off days, such a canopy would shield man from the sun’s radiation, which hits the earth from space; all this could play a part in aging, a person or animal could double or tipple his lifespan.
But knowing the nature of human beings, such Godly gifts are over looked, and I sensed this one was, for the next vision was man’s deep rottenness, his depravity on earth in those days, it was a demoralized time in the earth’s history (and the earth and the waters confirmed this for me).
Then I heard the rains, and saw the earth crack open its underground seas poured out and up its waters, and the canopy dropped all its water from above, onto the earth, and the grass, like pores, pushed all its waters upward to and through the earth’s crust to its surface, everything that held the waters at bay, like pillars under the earth, and above, disintegrated within this new unbelievable force of a storm.
And there were icy winds across the planet, atmospheric changes, blizzards, even the Polar Regions melted to add their waters into this great earthy flood. It was as if the earth and the waters had joined forces willingly with God—for revenge on humanity. All waters now covered the earth. And yes, the waters of the earth told me, and showed me all this.
And Micha’el said, “In those days, God warned the people; he told them ‘I will blot out man whom I have created…for I am sorry I have made them.’”
And so I saw this day, in this dream-vision, the world that once was, and thought, perhaps we are coming close to such a destructive day again.

Written as a supplement for the story “The Cadaverous Journey” to be added right after the visit to the edge of the moon. 3-20-2008, 7:54 PM.

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