Friday, March 14, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis (Perhaps a Help)

Multiple Sclerosis

Here is a mysterious disease, one that South America and most warm states in the United States do not have. It seems to belong to the colder more gray climates of the world. Now look at the article, and it may help you.

Keep walking, walking, walking, never stop, if you do, Multiple Sclerosis, will get caught up with you, and bye by, to walking, get the wheel chair my friend, it is the end to the end for walking. Get out of the cold and dimly lit environment you are in, and gray climates; get to the sun, where you get Vitamin D, sucked up into your body, like a hurricane (perhaps drink some milk); your immune system is nil you know, and it knows it…icky. Stop that stressful job, and your headaches may disappear, or your spine may become cured. Get rid of those who chant, you can’t. MS is many things, but few know how to care for it while it increases each day, unto months, and debilitates you to a puppet. For your numbness, take Glucosamine 500; and for your vision, and if you are dropping things try several natural enhancers. Find a doctor to give you calm down pills, perhaps, Alprazolam. If you are going to the bathroom, 16-times a day, see the doctor and ask why can’t have, Oxybutynin Chloride (5mg, should do). Amantadine can be used for your throat, for prevention (again see the doctor on this, do not take my word, and check it out). DHEA can help as a supplement for your strength; also, CQ10, can help; and for the spine pain, Naproxen (500 MG), well good luck, I’ve had it since 1996.
Systems are not always the same, we are not inbreeding humans, we are a diverse species, and therefore, we can not predict exactly what will work for each individual. And MS is a new, fairly new disease, and many doctors do not know much about it, just putting it on the table as a neurological and often soon, a debilitating disease. So if one doctor discourages you, fire him, and find another you can work with. Some like to play God; matter of fact, pray, that may help more than all the other advice I just gave you.

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